Furniture, Design and Nordicity

What impact does the place we inhabit have on our identity, on our way of life and on the ways we create, construct, and build?

Furniture, design and nordicity seeks to be an annual gathering about Montreal’s role as a Canadian leader in the creation of our own unique trademark. The SIDIM wants to contribute to developing a common source of inspiration that is based on our geographic location, our materials, our customs and our culture.

The 2017 edition of the SIDIM launches this reflection through exhibitors who are committed to a creative process infused by our relationship with Nordicity and through seminars and round-table discussions animated by well-known figures from Québec and from Scandinavia who question how our location in the northern hemisphere impacts our lives.

Come see us at the Salon du Design in the Nordicity thematic space.

May 4th & 5th are reserved for industry professionals and May 6th is open to the general public.

Reserve your tickets online and have an extra 5$ off with promo code: 17EX.

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