Lambert & Fils and Kastella: A Perfect Fit

Lambert & Fils and Kastella join forces as they announce their new retail partnership. The lighting studio and the furniture design house, both award-winning local businesses with ties around the world, will share the same roof as Kastella welcomes Lambert & Fils in their Montreal showroom. This will give their respective clients the opportunity to experience both brands’ complementary aesthetics in a single retail environment.

Kastella and Lambert & Fils share a common philosophy grounded in high quality craftsmanship, in-house design, local manufacturing and a focus on customer service. The two design houses already have a history of informal collaborations, which is why this partnership has felt like such a natural progression to Samuel Lambert, president and founder of Lambert & Fils. “Ever since I started Lambert & Fils, Kastella has been a model for me”, says Samuel. “Their rigorous approach, their strong sense of self as a brand, and their uncompromising love of wood have all deeply inspired me as a designer and a businessman.”

“This partnership is a great example of two like-minded companies coming together to promote their shared values”, adds Kastella president and founder Jason Burhop. “The focus on local manufacturing and timeless design has always been integral to both businesses. We’re very excited to provide our clientele with an integrated retail experience.”

For showroom hours, please visit kastella.ca.

About Lambert & Fils

Lambert & Fils is a Montreal-based lighting design studio founded in 2010 by Samuel Lambert. The collections, designed for residential and commercial settings, integrate elements of design history and iconic minimalism to form simple and streamlined, yet moving and somewhat poetic pieces. Lambert & Fils commits itself to a tradition of quality, in-house design, and craftsmanship in lighting. www.lambertetfils.com

About Kastella

Founded in 2003 by Jason Burhop, Kastella specializes in designing and building high-quality solid wood furniture in its Montreal workshop. Through the years, Kastella has built a solid team of local craftspeople dedicated to creating beautiful, functional and timeless pieces of furniture. www.kastella.ca

Photo credit: Arseni Khamzin